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Speakly - Learn Languages

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Speak a new language with confidence after only 100 hours of study. Learn Spanish, French, Italian, German and many more languages with Speakly!

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Here’s what makes SPEAKLY more effective than any other language learning app:
EFFICIENCY — With Speakly you will learn the 4,000 most commonly used words in your target language in the order of their statistical relevance. Because of this your language skills will develop many times faster. Studies show that compared to traditional learning methods you will develop your language skills up to 10x faster by using Speakly!
REAL-LIFE SITUATIONS — Speakly lets you experience and practice situations, which will test you on everything you have been learning. This will give you the confidence you’ll need when speaking the language in your everyday life.
GUARANTEED RESULTS — With Speakly you will go from absolute beginner to a confident speaking level in just 100 hours. If you’re already at the intermediate level then you’ll reach your goal even faster. And we have a full money back guarantee to back this up.

• A highly innovative approach to learn the 4000 most important wordsof a language in their statistical order of relevance. Up to 10x faster than traditional learning methodologies.
• Ideal for both beginners and advanced learners.
• Entertaining speaking exercises that simulate real life.
• Uses memory techniques to keep vocabulary in your long-term memory.
• Learning progress synchronized across all your devices and on the web.

After just the FIRST MONTH, you will be able to speak confidently about practical topics, such as:
• Shopping
• Directions
• Socializing
• Food and drink
• And much more!

“I have been loving improving my French with your app and have definitely found it to be an improvement on Duolingo.” – Nia

“I have studied for a total of 4 weeks and even though I’m just beginning it’s very surprising that I already feel way more confident working with French. For example, when watching videos online I can already understand quite a bit. I have studied French previously with other methods as well, but those didn’t get me anywhere. But it seems that with Speakly the language sticks to me almost by itself.” – Annika.

“It was a big surprise for me when after just one month of actively learning I could easily manage my daily job situations in French.” – Steffan

“To be honest, the best language learning solution I have tried. And it teaches you the correct written language as well, which is a plus.” – Sven